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Our Story

Meet Air Pro Experts

We pride ourself on being a one stop shop that is able to meet all of our client’s needs. Our goal is to provide the highest quality design and installation services, on schedule, and on budget along with outstanding customer service.We understand that time and cost are crucial so we strive to go above and beyond our client’s expectations.
For our customers peace of mind, we offer valuable money saving service and maintenance contracts. Please call for additional details.

Spring Savings!

$25 off

Save $25.00! May be applied to your next Service Call, Heating Maintenance or Repair.

Heating Maintenance Savings

50% off

Pay only $75 per unit* (Regularly $165.00+) for Heating Maintenance when you purchase a one year membership in the AirPro Experts.

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    Our Services

    A/C installation

    We offer high quality installation of residential and commercial air conditioning with the use of professional equipment and fine materials, at a lower cost.

    Maintenance and repair

    We provide a full range of repairing and maintenance of air conditioning systems, ventilation systems, light industrial and industrial split systems.

    Pre-season preparation

    Air conditioning systems are regulated appliances, requiring expert maintenance to properly function at the best rate of energy consumption.

    Annual inspections

    An annual inspection allows a technician to identify dirty coils and burned out contactors before they cause long term damage to your system.

    Heating services

    During the lifetime operation of the heating system there may be situations that require reducing or increasing the number of sections, or flush the radiator.

    Windows units

    Window air conditioner is installed in an aperture of window hole in such a way that its outer part is in contact with the atmosphere.


    Unites Installed


    Central Unites


    Less Energy Used

    Our Partners

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    AirPro Flat Rate

    $ 278
    • Main Component Rejuvenation
    • Rejuvenate sanitary piping and connection seals
    • Restore sanitary drain to clean condition
    • 6 months warranty
    *rates are subject to change
    $ 425
    • Basic Fixture Renovation
    • Restore sanitary drain to clean condition
    • Upgrade to new can't leak supply lines
    • 1 year warranty
    *rates are subject to change
    $ 638
    • Rejuvenate sanitary piping and connection seals
    • Restore sanitary drain to clean condition
    • 1 year safety inspection
    • 18 month warranty
    *rates are subject to change
    $ 850
    • Rejuvenate sanitary piping and connection seals
    • Restore sanitary drain to clean condition
    • 1 year safety check
    • 2 years warranty
    *rates are subject to change

    Amanda Seyfried

    Manhattan, New York.

    I have never had such a pleasurable experience with heating and air conditioning company in New York City. The technicians were courteous, professional, and a pleasure to work with.

    Thomas Michael

    Bronx, New York.

    We have used AirPro for many years for heating and now plumbing. They set up appointments promptly, show up when they are supposed to, and do excellent work. I would highly recommend AirPro!

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    Pogoda w lutym 2021 r.

    Luty był  chłodniejszym miesiącem w porównaniu  do stycznia. Był to ostatni miesiąc meteorologicznej zimy. Pierwsza połowa lutego była iście  zimowa, oprócz mrozów towarzyszyły nam opady śniegu. Druga połowa lutego była zdecydowanie cieplejsza, co dobrze pokazuje…


    Pogoda w styczniu 2021 r.

    Pogoda w styczniu była bardzo zmienna, temperatury były dość zróżnicowane. Średnia miesięczna temperatura w styczniu  wyniosła - 0,96 °C. Najzimniejszym dniem był 18 stycznia, średnia temperatura dobowa tym dniu wyniosła - 15,35°C. Najcieplejszym dniem był…

    Modernizacja sieci ciepłowniczej, budowa przyłącza cieplnego i węzłów indywidualnych skutkująca likwidacją węzła grupowego w mieście Puławy

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